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What is Black Mold?

Many homeowners dread the news that their home is contaminated by mold, and still many more do not even know that such contamination can occur. Black mold is a toxic spore that grows within moist and dark environments. The scientific name for toxic black mold is Stachybotrys chartarum. Black mold is incredibly dangerous to the health of humans, especially humans with respiratory conditions or allergy sensitivities. Some of the most common symptoms caused by black mold include:

• Skin inflammation
• Respiratory problems
• Internal organ damage
• Nausea • Mental impairment
• … and more.

Preventing Black Mold Growth

Since it’s clear that black mold is a dangerous and unwanted contamination of the home, prevention should be a priority for smart homeowners. So how can you prevent black mold growth in your home? The good news is that black mold, or Stachybotrys, is not a quick growth mold. Unlike many common molds that can colonize quickly, black mold often takes a week to form in proper conditions. The bad news is black mold grows out of sight in walls or dark areas that are more difficult to monitor and hard to guarantee are kept dry. The best thing you can do to prevent black mold growth is to prevent moisture in your home. Prevent moisture by stopping up leaks; this includes leaks in the roof, attic, basement, leaking pipes etc. You should prevent moisture by stopping condensation. Bathroom pipes, water tanks, and windows are often prone to condensation; this can be prevented by keeping these rooms at a warmer temperature. Prevent moisture in the home by cutting down humidity, as many forms of mold only need 55% humidity to begin to grow. Keep your home properly ventilated, use dehumidifiers and use air conditioners when appropriate.

Removing Black Mold From the Home

This is important! Once black mold has been diagnosed in the home, immediate action is necessary! Make sure that you call for a professional with the proper tools, cleaning solutions, and experience to fully eradicate any signs of mold from your home. Simply removing the moisture source is not enough once mold has begun growing; it must be completely eradicated from the home. Professionals will wear protective equipment, they will contain the mold, set up negative pressure, remove the mold, kill the mold, and prevent it from returning. If you have a mold problem in your home, call for professional assistance today! 911 Mold San Francisco is available to you 24/7, with affordable prices and experience that can make short work of your toxic mold problem.