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The Technique of Damp Mopping Corridors

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There are several things you need to get done in order to properly initiate and finish the damp mopping of a corridor or any sort of floor of any room in your household. First of all you need to purchase or gather from your house or friends or in any other way the necessary products and equipment that will make it a lot easier for you to finish with the cleaning procedure.


The very first thing you need to finish is to do away with the dust and all the tiny particles of filth which may be covering the floor. If they are allowed to remain there when you actually start to wet the floor and clean it all you will manage to achieve in the end is one big mess. Furthermore, remember that it is always unpredictable when will people decide to visit your home or who will decide to move through the area where you will be cleaning so you will have to place the appropriate signs and warning around the area which you are cleaning in order to prevent any of those people tripping and injuring themselves. Remember that usually the wet floor will be visible but people fail to notice it and all it takes for them to fall and break something is to just walk through as in any other day. So place a big sign without being ashamed because it might save someone from the bills for the hospital, sort of speak. When it comes down to alarming other people remember that it is not enough to just place two signs at the place where you started and the place you are expected to finish. You need to place a sign in front of every door, every entrance and you need to make sure that it is properly visible and comprehensible everywhere.
The Technique of Damp Mopping Corridors

Then you need to start off with the essential part. Always make sure that the mop has absorbed enough cleaning substance so that it can cover the designated area in full. Of course, before you even begin with the mopping itself you need to carefully divide the full area where you will clean into parts and cover each part with one or two proper mopping sweeps. The reason behind it is that you don’t want to waste cleaning substance and plus this will make your work a lot easier, faster and more organized. Also remember that you need to be careful with the level of absorption. You don’t want to take the mop out of the bucket and then leave half of the cleaning product spilling out of the mop because you haven’t extracted it properly in the bucket. Still, make sure that you can feel how the mop is heavy from the absorbed substance but make sure not even drops can fall from it. While you are mopping you need to remember two things-first, you have to clean a properly swept surfaces that contains no movable particles and you need to wash each particular area twice-one time in straight lines and a second time in diagonal ones to make sure that you have properly cleaned all the filth. Don’t squeeze the mop against the floor too much or you will create a wet stain which you will need to extract back into the bucket.