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Safely Cleaning up the Mold

The mold cleanup process consists with a checklist of safety items that are essential for the job. Cleaning up mold or mildew is certainly not a fun task, but its absolutely crucial in order to prevent any health consequences for you and your family. A mold cleanup kit should consist of a strong sponge, a pair of rubber gloves, goggles, a mop, N-95 respirators, and some bleach. You can use vinegar as a bleach substitue. The N-95 respirators resemble an ordinary paper mask, only with stronger materials. You can pick them up at any local hardware store for under $25. You will certainly these safety masks when scrubbing places filled with mold residue. If you spot mold growing on any furniture, it’s usually a good idea to discard the furniture from your home. Never take any chances with mold!

Once you have your safety equipment on, you are ready to clean up the mold. You need to limit your exposure to mold, so make sure you clean as quickly as possible. Be sure to check crawlspaces, walls, damp carpets, and other damp sections of your house in which mold can breed at a very rapid pace. Turn off your furnace and air conditioner to reach ducts, which could be filled with mold. You can rent a wet vacuum and dehumidifier, which can assist in the cleanup process as well. If you live in an area surrounded by water, such as a river or lake, you should make the investment in a good quality wet vacuum and dehumidifier. Cleaning up the mold is not as difficult as it sounds, but the job should generally be left to the hands of an experienced technician.

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We use industrial vacuums that suck up all the mold and safely dispose it into our trucks. We travel across San Francisco and stay on call 24 hours a day. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’ve experienced any mold build in your home. We’re here to assist 24/7!