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Water can leave a list of damages to your home that may set you back a fortune. There are, however, other problems that water can leave behind as well. Mold builds up immediately after your home has been the victim of a water damage accident. If left untreated, black mold can appear to form, and can ultimately cause severe health problems that can be very dangerous to you and your family.  We are on call 24/7, and work throughout the San Francisco and San Mateo areas.

Black mold can usually be found growing in areas of your house that are damp and moist. The most common areas where mold can be detected, are generally in your basement and bathrooms, where the atmosphere is a perfect breeding ground for the harmful bacteria. At 911 Mold San Francisco, we work with expert mold cleanup technicians that use the safest and cleanest methods, to completely eradicate your home of the bacteria and toxins. Children are at most risk, if exposed to the harmful bacteria that mold produces, and will develop health problems almost right away. Our responsibility is to sanitize all areas that have been affected by the growth of the tiny bacteria. We use industrial removing materials that are also environmentally safe. We take absolutely no chances when it comes to your health and well-being.

911 San Francisco Mold Cleanup & Removal services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Testing / Inspection
  • Mold Cleanup
  • Black Mold Removal
  • Complete Sanitization of All Areas

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At 911 Mold San Francisco, we’ve been helping families restore their homes back to normal for many years. We’ve been destroying mold and keeping houses clean and mold-free. Our customer satisfaction levels are elite, and we have an entire page devoted to our testimonials as well. We are a very reliable and efficiently priced restoration company that works 24/7 for you. Don’t give that nasty mold a chance to ruin your health, let us make sure that your air and home, is completely clean and safe! Give us a call today.