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Toxic mold is a dark-greenish color. Toxic mold prefers to grow in wet and damp atmospheres, where the temperature is just right to breed. Once this process begins to take place, you are at serious health risk. You might not even notice the mold at first glance. Sometimes, you might not even spot it until you start experiencing health problems. Toxic mold can be quite sneaky, as it usually hides behind walls, refrigerators, closets, bathrooms and basement corners. You should always hire an expert to conduct a thorough mold inspection to forcefully remove the harmful bacteria from your home.

There are numerous health symptoms attributed to toxic mold. These symptoms include; respiratory problems, skin irritation, confusion, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, seizures, heart damage, wheezing, vomiting blood, hemorrhaging, decrease in blood pressure, muscle pain, blindness, cancer and death. As you can see, the consequences can be quite serious. You should never wait until you begin experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath to reach out to a professional. The black mold must be destroyed at an early stage to prevent it from spreading all across the house. A properly certified mold remediation expert will have the right tools to combat the poisonous mold. Seal off the affected areas and wait for help to arrive. Make sure your children are far away from the sections as well.

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911 Mold San Francisco offers round-the-clock mold abatement and restoration all throughout San Francisco. We have a fully stocked team of professionals on standby and ready to go. A helpful tip is to contact us if you’ve incurred any type of water damage, regardless of the severity. Water damage paves the way for mold to appear and grow. Our responsibility is to stop the mold dead in its tracks! We’ll gather a small sample and send it back to the lab for more conclusive results. As soon as the test come back in, we’ll know exactly how to kill the mold. Contact us today and start living mold free!